charitable work
Having been brought up in India, I am all too familiar with the sadness and hardship that goes along with poverty.   You would need a heart of stone not to be moved by it.  So when I set up Mogodor, my vision was a ‘trade’ between India and the UK.  We here in the UK would benefit from the incredible colour and sensuality of India, in the shape of the most exquisite jewellery, not otherwise available here.   And I hoped that various communities in India, obviously those greatly in need, would benefit from our money.  As women are the main wearers of my jewellery, I wanted to work alongside women in India, and if you work alongside women you will almost inevitably also be working with their children. To that end, Mogodor supports a Christian charity called Grandma’s India, which works with children and their families, who are affected by HIV.  To date, they have a hospice and respite care in South India, set up in memory of Caroline Alexander-Dann, a dear friend here, who died of breast cancer some years ago, and who put me in touch with the founder of Grandma’s.  They have also bought a property in the largest brothel in Kolkata, called Sonagachi, which is an area rather than one place.  Hundreds of women work here and their children live here.  Grandma’s has already set up a school in Sonagachi as many of the children would otherwise not get an education, and further plans for the house are in development.  They also work with many other people in need in Kolkata in various ways.
Mogodor also supports charities elsewhere, as whenever I do a fair, 10% of takings goes to a selected charity, if not to Grandma’s.  If you would like to support the work of Grandma’s personally, do get in touch with me.
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