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Q:  Is all your jewellery really real?

A:  Yes, unless otherwise stated!  All of the silver is Indian silver which is at least 92% pure and virtually the same as sterling silver.  Many of the items are also hall marked.

Q:  Does the gold wear off the jewellery?

A:  At the moment, we sell mainly 18k gold vermeil on pure silver jewellery, which means that, with time, the gold will wear off on the parts of the jewellery that are in contact with your skin.  This will be the inside of rings and the hook on some of the earrings, so most of it will not show.  Jewllery can always be re dipped at your local jeweller.

Q:  I have not heard of many of the stones - are they really semi precious?

A:  Before I started this business, I too had not heard of most of the stones, just the more well known ones like amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone and a few others.  But there is actually a startling variety of the most beautiful stones available, and yes, they are all more, or less, semi precious and all enjoy cycles of prominence and high demand, when they are well known and then fall into greater obscurity depending on what is in fashion.  For instance, much of the jewellery that was fashinable in Victorian times, is much less well known by the general public now.

Q: If I don't like something or it doesn't fit well when I get it, can I return it?

A:  As long as you do not wear it, you can return anything within two weeks, and get a full refund, no problem.

Q: How do I know what my ring size is?

A: Either pop into your locl jeweller with a ring that fits you, and ask them to tell you what size it is (we deal in American sizes 5.5-8.5) or put a piece of string around your finger, measure it in millimetres and then contact me and I will tell you what size you are, as nearly as possible!


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