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Mogodor Jewellery is made both with gold and with Indian silver.  Some of the gold is solid 18 karat, but the majority is Indian silver, dipped in 18 karat gold, which means that in time, and with use, the gold will wear off.  However, this will take a long time.  Indian silver  is not quite as pure as English silver but is still over 92% pure.  Indian silver, like all silver, will tarnish over time, but for many pieces, this is an advantage, however they can all be polished and simply restored to their original shine.  The stones themselves are semiprecious and come from all over the world to be cut and polished in jaipur, India.  jaipur is now the second largest stone cutting centre in the world, and is also a major venue for jewellery making.

There is a huge variety of semiprecious stones to be found in Mogodor Jewellery; amethyst, aquamarine, ametrine, apatite, malachite, tiger's eye, moonstone, jasper, jade, coral, turquoise, agates of all descriptions, a huge variety of pearls, fluorite, prenite, iolite, citrine, smokey and blue topaz, rotile, opal, lapis lazuli, labradorite, dalmation, rose quartz, crystal, carnelian, peridot, garnet, amber, chalcedony, unakite, tourmaline, cubic zirconia, chrysoprase, to name just some of them!  You will see stones you have never even heard of!

All of these stones are natural and have flaws or inclusions in their chemical structures, which often forms a large part of their charm.  The cutting and faceting is done to maximise the natural properties of the stones and is often not straight or 'perffect'.  For example, you can sometimes find that it is impossible for a hole to be drilled through the centre of a stone, as some stones are very assymetrical, but again, this only adds to the charm and uniquesness of the piece.

Many of these stones are not readily breakable, but great care should be taken to look after them and particularly not to drop them, as some of the stones are delicate and may chip or crack.

Most jewellery is best cleaned in a weak detergent bath.  Mix warm water with a very small amount of mild household detergent and gently wash the piece with a soft brush, where appropriate.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry with kitchen paper.  Silver can be carefully polished using a silver cloth or something similar, but the stones will not like that, so care should be taken to avoid the stones!  A lot of jewellery is best worn without perfume as perfume can take the top layer off the stones, which is especially true of pearls.  If you want to wear perfume, spray it where it won't touch your jewellery.

Lastly, it is best to try and keep your jewellery safe in your drawers by putting it in a protective bag or similar, so that the pieces will not scratch each other.  Enjoy!

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